Caspian Beat - Seven

Caspian Beat is the new progressive house alias of producer Masoud Fuladi, the Iranian talent behind such vocal trance gems as “Leave It All Behind” with Josie and “Here We Go” with Hannah Ray. “Seven” is his debut release under this new moniker and we’re expecting big things.

With a sun-kissed lead melody and Balearic guitar riffs throughout, the track’s build up feels like a breath of fresh air. Expect plenty of airy synths and what can only be described as a ‘squelchy’ bass. The blissed-out breakdown showcases a chilled, Rhodes-style keyboard melody, climaxing with an awesome filtered guitar lead – if Daft Punk and Chris Rea had a love child, it would sound like this synth. The eventual drop is glitched, so first-time listeners are bound to take notice, even if only to make sure the battery on their laptop hasn’t died while playing the track!

If you’re keen to relive those hazy summer days as the cold weather descends or alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Southern Hemisphere where it’s all just hotting up, then “Seven” is certainly one to check out.

 Words by Beatsmedia

Release Date : 28-09-2011

[PM Deep]